Diverse Property Solutions Indiana

Quality Real Estate Services To Financial Institutions & Asset Management Firms For REO Properties
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About DPSI

Diverse Property Solutions Indiana is a full service REO brokerage with one specific goal in mind, “provide quality real estate services to financial institutions and asset management firms for REO properties in the central Indiana market.” This goal is only achieved through hard work, realistic property evaluation, consistent communication with clients, and expedient execution of our services. DPSI seeks long-term business relationships developed only upon achievement of this goal.

Kurt Clements, the owner, has been an REO broker since 2002 as well as a HUD Local Listing Broker the past 4 years. Kurt has serviced clients such as HUD Pemco, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, REO Nationwide, Wells Fargo, and too many more asset management companies to mention.

DPSI is also involved now in representing corporate buyers in the central Indiana market. DPSI will seek out properties which fit the client’s requirements for their single family rental portfolios. These clients need realistic values for future rents and repaired values so their investments perform well for their clients who invest in their funds. DPSI will also assist individuals who wish to invest in single family home rentals. This is a new niche market with better returns than the interest bearing accounts of yesteryear. DPSI can buy, repair, lease out, and manage an asset for you which will appreciate as well as generate monthly cash flow.

DPSI can assist all your real estate requirements. Give us a call! We would be happy to discuss a specific business model with processes that cater to your specific requirements.